Bible Study: Angels, Angels, Angels

Evangelist W.C. “Dub” Dellinger - Age 93

A lot of questions can be asked. Where are they? Who are they? Angels were created by God before man. How many years they were here before man, only God knows. As with men there seems to be good angels and bad angels. I have to tell you that their boss man is the devil and they listen to him. How did they come to be that way? Isaiah, Chapter 14, V. 12, names him as Son of the Morning. Some say Star of the Morning. Also, the Bible says he was a star and fell from Heaven. Seems that Lucifer challenged God. He wanted to be the leader, and God said no. Lucifer had his followers the same as today with us. Lucifer was run out of Heaven and all his followers too. They will one day be put into torment. At the present, they are going around devouring who will listen to them. The devil is in all false prophets of today. They could have been right at the start and fallen to the devil’s temptation. Keep in mind that temptation by itself is not sin. It becomes sin when you yield to it. When you know that it is wrong, you are against God’s will. Remember that Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days, then he hungered. The devil waited patiently. for the forty days, then he tempted him, but Jesus did not give in. He expects the same from us. There is a smear of hope that every saint of God has a guardian angel. One that stands by on guard and can be sent at any time. Why do I believe we have a guardian angel? They show up in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Besides, every so often, someone tells of the fact that they have been helped by an angel. In the ninety some years that I have lived, I believe that I have sometimes been helped out by an angel.
 All Angels are a positive force, drawing power from some other source. Only a few angels have names as we know them. Could it be that God calls each one by a name? When you think about it, He knows each one of us by a name. And he wants to give us a new name and write it in Heaven, in a special book called the Book Of Life. You can never live good enough, or long enough for you to earn putting your name in this Book of Life. How can you get into this special book? It is simple. The goodness of God that threw Lucifer (the devil) out of Heaven rebukes all sins. All you do is admit that you are a sinner and ask God to forgive your sins.  He alone can forgive sins. Believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to come into your heart. Tell Jesus you want to live for Him.
When the time arises, and it will, you may just have an angel to help you. One day you will hear this said to you, come on in to the joys of the Lord prepared from the foundation of the earth for you.