Bible Study: Where Is The Seed For Us To Grow On?

Evangelist W.C. “Dub” Dellinger - Age 92

Where is the Seed for us to Grow on? Some ask the question... How can I know these parables and the truth that goes with them? If they would just settle down and read the Right Bible SLOW and TRUST in the Lord, all answers are before them in the Word of God.
The first question that you have to answer is: Have you felt the price of being reborn? That is always the first question to answer, meaning in our language, HAVE YOU STEPPED OUT OF THE WORLD INTO THE ARMS OF A LOVING SAVIOUR NAMED JESUS OF NAZARETH?
If you have done that, then you have a Born Again Soul. You can understand and lead others to Jesus and that is when you can live in real happiness.
If you are a Christian reading this, have you tried to lead someone else to follow Jesus? Jesus grants salvation to those who tell about the goodness in following JESUS.
No reborn person is ashamed of His Saviour. He likes to brag on Him, with always a big SMILE to back it up. There is a big lesson to learn in that.